Welcome to Whole You Healing


Are you facing overwhelming sadness or anxiety that is difficult to manage or understand? Do you feel like you have low self esteem? Do you want more meaningful relationships? Are you hoping to learn how to feel more confident and authentic in social situations? Want to quiet your inner critic? Your stories of loss and pain may have led you to where you are, and they do not define who you are! Let’s connect today!

Neely Benn, LCSW


Fascinated with human strength, courage, and resilience, my therapeutic work focuses on the Whole you (mind, body and spirit) to uncover your truest nature to develop self worth, sharpen your intuition, and find and attract healthy relationships all while celebrating your solitude. 

Quite often our experiences ask us to face unexpected events forcing us to absorb the frightening aches of change. Sometimes this can leave us feeling rejected, abandoned, and challenged with symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. In this state it is easy to forget one's purpose and meaning.

My work helps resurrect hope and remind humans that healing can grow from the most vulnerable places and that bringing attention to these delicate moments will deepen your connection to yourself and others.

Together, I can help you discover what it means to live intuitively, embrace your vulnerabilities, celebrate your solitude, learn how to take meaningful risks and face uncertainty with more confidence.

I’m here to help you become your best friend and best ally. I will guide you on how to be present, reconnect with yourself, embrace your stillness and deepen your relationships with others so you will ultimately enhance your life!

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can spring you into profound transformation discovering a deeper sense of self love, meaningful relationships, and a greater purpose.

Group Therapy

When we allow our vulnerabilities to emerge in a group, it connects us, deepens our relationships with others, and enhances our lives.

Corporate Services

Improv team building benefits employees and the workplace, promoting a healthy work culture, improving team cohesion, and expanding communication skills.    

URBEX Urban Exploration


I see resilience and hope in decay. My work as a photographer helps curious humans near and far embrace the beauty of their own unfiltered ruins in an era of curated social media updates.

I see a strong connection between abandoned places and the complexity of the human condition. These pictures are meant to resurrect hope and remind us that healing can grow from the most vulnerable places. This allows the creation of complicated beginnings that deserve thoughtfulness and attention, which ultimately form connections that are unique, vibrant and defiant of our decay.