Do you have a loved one living with mental health challenges? 


TREE Support Group

You are not alone in facing the challenges of supporting a loved one with mental health issues. TREE is a support group for family members, friends, and caregivers of humans living with mental health challenges. TREE is a welcoming, safe space to share your concerns and learn coping skills to improve your wellbeing and better support those you love. 

TREE will help you learn and practice: 

  • How to effectively communicate with your loved one in a nonjudgmental way in order to meet both of your needs (Interpersonal Effectiveness and Radical Acceptance). 

  • How to survive a crisis and adopt positive coping strategies to effectively manage stress and pain (Distress Tolerance Skills). 

  • How to manage your emotions and reactions in more effective ways when facing painful and difficult experiences (Emotion Regulation). 

  • How to be present and care for yourself when circumstances feel challenging (Mindfulness and Self Care). 

TREE is open to anyone ages 18 and older. 

First Sunday of each month, 4:00-5:30 PM - $40 per class - Ages 18+

2650 W Montrose Avenue Suite 116, Chicago IL, 60618

For more information please contact Neely at

Neely has broadened our knowledge, lifted our spirits, and instilled a strong sense of self-care.
I would invite anyone who needs a therapist to work with
Neely. Her enthusiasm and compassion are boundless.
Neely is expertly skilled in DBT and helped the group members learn many of the skills and strategies that have been integrated into our lives.”
Neely helped me see that I am not alone on this journey.
I liked the way Neely brought us all together in our problems.
Neely’s sense of humor was great and her responses to us as individuals was wonderful.