Group Therapy


We all have the ability to learn from and grow with one another. The group therapy environment attests that we are never alone even in our most challenging moments and that we can help each other find hope and evolve. Group therapy can help you grow a greater insight and awareness that connects you to yourself, your family, your friends, and your community.

My processing groups will help you nurture your curiosities and expand your hearts and minds to accept yourself and authentically connect with others who are facing similar challenges in a safe environment.

Group work Includes:

  • Finding Your Yes! Improv for Wellness: scroll down for more details!
  • Family Psychoeducation, Skill Building & Support Group: ongoing group for family members, friends and caregivers of loved ones with mental health issues.
  • Interpersonal/Intrapsychic Group Therapy: ongoing processing group for adults to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation while increasing insight into self understanding.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: how to effectively communicate in a non-judgemental way and still have your needs met.
  • Distress Tolerance: how to move through a crisis and adopt positive coping strategies to effectively manage stress and pain.
  • Emotional Regulation: how to control your reactions when facing painful and difficult experiences in more effective ways.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Mindfulness & Meditation

what group participants have said:

Finding out others face similar challenges is helping me not to feel unique and alone.
Neely is incredibly skilled and talented with insights and awareness.
I have found this group and the strategies to be so helpful that even my blood pressure has fallen in the normal range.
Superior connections were formed. Excellent energy and willingness.
This was an enjoyable and helpful experience.
I liked the safe environment and great leadership.
Neely is so encouraging and supportive but makes us work, too.
I enjoyed the variety of activities and being driven to participate.
I became more sociable and even made a new friend.
I had tons of fun and loved coming here.

Finding Your Yes! Improv for Wellness

Living with social anxiety, depression or low self worth can feel very lonely and interfere with personal and professional opportunities. And, some of the most meaningful moments that lead us to success and wholeness include discovering authentic relationships, clear intentions, understanding emotions and self worth. The Finding Your Yes! Improv for Wellness Program nurtures all of these components in a therapeutic and creative way.

The Finding Your Yes! Improv for Wellness Program is an eight week improv course. Research shows that learning improv basics helps people build confidence, develop healthier coping skills, increases self-esteem and decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression. The Finding Your Yes! Improv for Wellness Program helps individuals learn how to address their vulnerabilities in a safe space inherently deepening the capacity for relationships ultimately enhancing personal and professional pursuits.

The Finding Your Yes! Improv for Wellness Program teaches individuals to:

  1. Face fears of failure

  2. Follow intuition and take more risks

  3. Develop listening and communication skills

  4. Manage feelings of uncertainty

  5. Develop listening and communication skills

  6. Increase trust

  7. Build more interpersonal connections

  8. Live more authentically